TOLD traces its roots to March 1959, when John B. “Jack” Gilbert founded Altadena Development Company to sell residential lots. At that time, Jack was growing a sheet-metal business in Burbank called Zero Manufacturing from a small fabrication shop into an international business featuring Halliburton luggage as its signature brand. Jack saw an opportunity to buy nearby land and subdivide it. And at the same time he launched a second career.

After a two decades of rapid growth, Zero was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, the company had operations throughout the U.S. and it was establishing a presence in Europe. Zero enjoyed great accomplishments, but Jack Gilbert began to miss the personal satisfaction he enjoyed as an entrepreneur.

In 1972, Jack located some industrial-zoned land in Newbury Park that he envisioned to be in the logical growth path of the rapidly expanding San Fernando Valley. He bought 40 acres, left his presidency at Zero, and began working for his newly named real estate firm, Thousand Oaks Land & Development Company.

In 1984, the company shortened its name to TOLD Corporation for simplicity, yet it grew rapidly under Jack’s direction. TOLD became Ventura County’s premier non-residential developer and built projects in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas and Washington.

The commercial real estate downturn in the early 1990’s was a difficult period for the company. TOLD reduced its workforce, curtailed its development activities and sold assets to remain solvent. Vacancy soared as businesses drastically cut their space requirements. And buyers all but disappeared for TOLD’s properties. Through it all, Jack Gilbert was proud to say that his company met every financial obligation.

In 1994, TOLD Corporation relocated to its current offices in Camarillo and had shed its multi-division structure. The streamlined company focused on its own debt reduction and cost containment while the local economy rebounded. Patience and perseverance were rewarded.

By 2000, TOLD had rebuilt itself, vacancy in its portfolio dwindled, and TOLD was once again in a position to seek new growth opportunities. And right down the street TOLD found what it was looking for.

In 2004, TOLD acquired a former Clairol manufacturing plant situated on 13 acres of prime industrial land at the corner of Flynn and Adolfo Roads. The plant had been idled when the work of packaging personal hygiene products was moved overseas. TOLD recognized this ideal location to build and sell small business condominium units.

The project, Flynn Road Business Park, was completed in 2008 and featured 88 separate units in nine industrial buildings and two office buildings.